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We provide solutions that enable independent UK workshops to stay up to date with what is now the fastest evolving industry, the automotive industry.
We have partnered up with Ross-Tech to bring you exceptional diagnostic and garage equipment solutions from across the world.
Founded in 2002, V-Tech UK has grown to become a recognised authority within Automotive Diagnostics in a manner that has been truly appreciated by our Clients and competitors alike.

Ross-Tech, LLC is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  They provide top-class diagnostics solutions for VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda automobiles through their principal product,  VCDS.  The growth of the Ross-tech brand is a direct result of the quality and ease of use for their diagnostic equipment.

Uwe Ross founded Ross-Tech in 1999 and  although he developed the original versions of VAG-COM himself, Uwe no longer does much programming, but continues to set direction for business with a focus on product development.    Uwe was born in Freiburg, Germany and attended the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Physics and Natural Sciences.  He has been a VW enthusiast since 1982 and from his passion of motoring and engineering, as developed a worldwide brand of diagnostic products.